Off-Leash Areas

Cambridge dogs are allowed to be off leash at Fresh Pond Reservoir with the following restrictions:

Richard is a regular at Fresh Pond.
Richard is a regular at Fresh Pond.

Posted rules for dogs at Fresh Pond:

  • Dogs are required to be on a leash of no more than 6 feet.
  • Dogs that belong to Cambridge residents may go off leash provided they have been trained to follow oral commands and are kept off mowed grassy areas (this includes the large hill by the parking lot).
  • All dogs over 6 mos. must have a valid and visible dog license.
  • Dogs are not allowed to charge, harass or harass people or other dogs. They may not chase or hunt wildlife.
  • Dogs are not permitted to swim or bathe in Fresh Pond Reservoir (swimming in the adjacent Little Pond is permitted, however.)
  • All dog waste must be removed and placed in the waste containers provided.
  • All dog bites whether domestic or wild must be reported to the Cambridge Animal Commission for follow up (617-349-4376).
  • Noncompliance can result in fines of up to a $50 per offense.
Dog beach at Little Pond at Fresh Pond
Dog beach at Little Pond at Fresh Pond

Other Off-Leash Areas

There are two dedicated dog parks (Pacific Field and an enclosed area at Danehy Park), which are open all day to dogs licensed in Cambridge.

In addition, dogs are allowed off-leash at Fort Washington Park (all day), Gold Star Mother’s/Gore St. Park (6-9 AM) and Corcoran/Raymond St. Park (6-9 AM).

Off-leash hours are also under consideration at Joan Lorentz/Library Park (on Broadway) and Longfellow Park (the lower portion on Mt. Auburn St).

Leashed dogs are allowed in all public parks.

Fresh snow at Fresh Pond
Fresh snow at Fresh Pond

Parks Map & City Policies

The Community Development Department administers shared-use policies in concert with the Cambridge Animal Commission (see interactive map of all parks and playing fields in Cambridge).

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