Dogs for Devereux!

Watson at Danehy Dog Park
Watson at Danehy Dog Park

Cambridge Canine blogger and longtime resident Jan Devereux is a candidate for a seat on the Cambridge City Council in the November 2015 election.

Hi Readers,

I’m writing to ask for your #1 vote in this year’s City Council election. As a dog owner/lover and a strong advocate for the equitable sharing of the city’s limited open space resources, I would lobby for more dog parks to accommodate the growing dog population. Cambridge is experiencing a housing boom, and this growth creates an opportunity and an obligation to create more shared spaces where dogs can play safely off-leash and where dog people can enjoy each other’s company and build community.

You can read more about my other political values on my campaign website:

If you would like a frisbee with my campaign logo on it, please contact me at

I hope I can count on your support in November! Remember, I need your #1 vote to win.

Jan Devereux

Luis resting after a game of frisbee



Changes to City’s Dog Regs & New Shared-Use Hours

Sign at Fresh Pond
Sign at Fresh Pond

As residential development spikes and Cambridge’s human population climbs, so too does our canine population. In a city as densely population as ours, such rapid growth increases the potential for conflict between human and canine users of our limited open space resources. For the past several years the City’s Animal Commission (aka Animal Control) has been reviewing its regulations, fines and fees, while in 2013 an Off-Leash Working Group was appointed to study shared-use facilities. The Working Group supports the recommended changes to the ordinance, which were discussed and placed on file at the Council’s June 15th hearing.

All residents dogs are encouraged to review the proposed changes to the ordinance and the working group’s report. In the “stick” department fines for the failure to scoop, license, or leash all would be increased. In addition the Fresh Pond park rangers would gain the authority to enforce the stricter regulations. In the “carrot” department new shared-use hours will go into effect this summer at Joan Lorentz Park (Mid-Cambridge, 8-10 AM), Hoyt Field (Riverside, 6-9 AM), and Greene Rose Heritage Park (Area IV, 6-9 AM).

Off-Leash Working Group recommendations.

Proposed Changes to Animal Control Regulations.

Entrance to Joan Lorentz Park
Entrance to Joan Lorentz Park


“Coffee with a Canine” Interviews Us

One dog, one vote?
One dog, one vote?

Recently Cambridge Canine blogger Jan Devereux and her dog Eddie were interviewed for the “Coffee with a Canine” blog.

The interview includes a shout-out for a favorite local bookstore (Porter Square Books) and a plug for Jan’s recently declared candidacy for Cambridge City Council.

Unfortunately dogs do not have the right to vote, but March is the month when we all need to renew our Cambridge dog licenses. Please be a good citizen and license your dog.

Pet Supply Drive: March 2015

A local dental clinic is running a pet supply drive for the month of March 2015 to benefit Broken Tail Rescue.

FLYERS A local dental clinic is running a pet supply drive for the month of March 2015 to benefit Broken Tail Rescue.

Please consider donating pet food, treats, toys, blankets, collars and leashes to West Somerville Dental Associates at 124 College Ave. , Somerville (near Powder House Sq.). Call 617-625-0543 with any questions.