“Coffee with a Canine” Interviews Us

One dog, one vote?
One dog, one vote?

Recently Cambridge Canine blogger Jan Devereux and her dog Eddie were interviewed for the “Coffee with a Canine” blog.

The interview includes a shout-out for a favorite local bookstore (Porter Square Books) and a plug for Jan’s recently declared candidacy for Cambridge City Council.

Unfortunately dogs do not have the right to vote, but March is the month when we all need to renew our Cambridge dog licenses. Please be a good citizen and license your dog.

Ringing in the New Year

What's in the box, Lily?
What's in the box, Lily?

Ringing in 2012 Cambridge Canine-style, we extend our congratulations to Laurie and Ben of Concord Avenue, whose 3-1/2-year-old Hungarian Visla, Lily, is pictured.

Laurie, a nurse, told us she had just returned from a morning run the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and was stretching on her porch when Lily came out to greet her. Attached by a yellow ribbon to Lily’s collar was a box containing the engagement ring that Ben, an attorney, gave her when he proposed a few minutes later. The couple hasn’t set a date yet, but they’ve already lined up – and trained – their ringer bearer. We can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

Happy New Year to all our dog friends!

A Meetup for Little White Fluffy Dogs

Rufus & Eddie meet up
A L(B&)WFD & Eddie meet up

When I moved to Cambridge almost twenty years ago, I made friends through my children. Once the three of them were in school and I went back to work, I made friends at the office. Now, unemployed and with my kids mostly grown, I’m making friends through my puppy. Continue reading “A Meetup for Little White Fluffy Dogs”

Bulldog Brawn in Bronze

Bulldog by Tomomi Maruyama (Bronze, 24" x 20" x 36")
Bulldog by Tomomi Maruyama (Bronze, 24" x 20" x 36")

Bulldog lovers and Yalies will swoon over the bronze sculpture standing watch in the vestibule of Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge. Painstakingly hand-fabricated by Japanese artist Tomomi Maruyama, the one-of-a-kind piece is made of hammered bronze using the repoussé process, and finished with the traditional Japanese urushi lacquer finish. The dog’s studded collar is of copper and brass. Continue reading “Bulldog Brawn in Bronze”

A Tale of Two Cities

Brookline Green Dog sign
Brookline Green Dog sign

We Cantabrigians pride ourselves on being progressive, but has Brookline scooped us with its Green Dog Program? Open, green space is at a premium in both places, and shared use is a front-burner issue that often boils over around the question of dogs in parks. In response, Cambridge and Brookline are piloting different types of off-leash programs, and while demographics and budgets have driven some of the policy decisions, I’m wondering what we can learn from each other. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Cities”

Off-Leash Hours Proposed for Library Park

Entrance to Joan Lorentz Park
Entrance to Joan Lorentz Park

This week I attended a public meeting on the proposal to offer off-leash hours for dogs in Joan Lorentz Park, the green space in front of the Cambridge Public Library and Rindge and Latin School, bounded by Broadway and Ellery Street. Stuart Dash (Director of Community Planning) facilitated the meeting, and Mark McCabe (Animal Control Commissioner) also addressed the group. About thirty Mid-Cambridge residents, including City Councilor Sam Seidel (a Maple Street resident and dog owner who frequents the park), turned out to share their opinions. Most of those attending were in favor of the proposal, though a few non-dog-owners voiced strong opposition.

Continue reading “Off-Leash Hours Proposed for Library Park”

The Case for Licensing, Straight from the Top Dog’s Mouth

Mark McCabe, director, with Cambridge Animal Commission officers
Mark McCabe, director, with Cambridge Animal Commission officers (City of Cambridge photo)

In a prior post I raised the question of whether Cambridge has an “undocumented dog problem” – that is, whether the number of dogs licensed by the city (around 2,700 in 2010) accurately reflects the actual number of dogs living here? Continue reading “The Case for Licensing, Straight from the Top Dog’s Mouth”

Public Meetings on New Off-Leash Areas

Can We Share?
Can We Share?

Residents in Mid-Cambridge and the Brattle-Mount Auburn Street areas may wish to attend public meetings to discuss the shared use of open space in their neighborhoods, specifically whether dogs should be permitted off-leash in two public parks.

Tuesday, October 11, 6-8 PM
City Hall Annex, 344 Broadway, 2nd Floor:

Review of possible off-leash hours in Joan Lorentz Park on Broadway and Ellery (the park adjacent to the Cambridge Public Library). More details.

Wednesday, October 19, 6-8 PM
New School of Music, 25 Lowell St.

Review of possible off-leash hours in Longfellow Park on Mt. Auburn St (adjacent to the Cambridge Tennis and Skating Club).

More information on the City’s off-leash policies: www.cambridgema.gov/offleash

Questions: Contact Taha Jennings in Community Development at 617 349-4603

Canine Census: Is Your Dog Counted?

Charm Collar
Charm Collar

One of my friends has been known to duck into the bushes at Fresh Pond if she sees the park ranger coming. Before you begin to wonder what kind of company I keep, let me say that this longtime Cantabrigian is a fine upstanding citizen, a nature lover and a doting mother. She just has a mental block about licensing her dog, a minor act of civil disobedience that she readily admits is pointless. Hence, her furtive behavior whenever she spots Ranger Jean on the path ahead; my friend knows full well that she risks a fine for bringing an unlicensed dog to Fresh Pond, but something is holding her back, a little self-defeating demon like Edgar Allan Poe described in his short story, “The Imp of the Perverse.”

“Ugh, I’ve got to find that form and send it in,” my friend groans, but as spring turns to summer and into fall, she still hasn’t gotten around to it. Continue reading “Canine Census: Is Your Dog Counted?”