Plan B Nation Welcomes Dogs

Amy Gutman of Plan B Nation with Eddie
Amy Gutman of Plan B Nation with Eddie

I’m proud to be today’s guest blogger on Plan B Nation, a wonderfully enlightening blog, whose subtitle “living creatively in challenging times” is a trick we would all do well to master. Plan B Nation is the brainchild of my friend Amy Gutman, who used to live in Cambridge and has a cat. My guest post (in which I compare myself to a Border collie on the World Wide Web!) is called “The Dogs Days of Plan B Nation.”

Here’s how it begins:

This Valentine’s Day I sent my 23-year-old son a card with a photo of a young man and his dog sit­ting side-by-side, wear­ing iden­ti­cal frizzy red wigs: “May you never grow to look like the one you love,” the card teased. With nei­ther a sweet­heart nor a pooch, my son is in no immi­nent dan­ger of this roman­tic peril. The joke was on me, as it’s cer­tainly no secret that his old lady has been crush­ing on her puppy lately.

I’ll let you be the judge of whether I’ve yet begun to resem­ble my dog, phys­i­cally, but I have begun to rec­og­nize, and even embrace, a few emo­tional par­al­lels. [READ MORE on Plan B Nation]